Melinda NorrisThe character of a personality, the drama of a special day, the bond between people…our lives are expressed most poignantly through the harmony of natural light and a composer’s vision. Melinda’s approach is to allow each story to unfold—to emerge—naturally and unobtrusively in photographic composition.

A Wedding to Remember
The quiet emotions and subtle expressions that tell the story of your day are captured in the moment, not rehearsed and posed. Melinda’s unobtrusive approach assures that you’ll savor those moments again and again in the years to come in a wedding album unlike any you’ve seen before.

A Distinctive Portfolio
Presenting your individuality as a performer through photography requires rare insight. As a singer and model, Melinda developed an insider’s view of the process that has led to her daring use of composition and light. Your result: a portfolio that’s strikingly memorable, and uniquely you.

Children and Families in Motion
The bond between parents and children, and the nature of family life itself, is wondrous in its complexity. Only through close and patient observation—and a photographer’s push beyond the ordinary—can the depth of these relationships be mined and preserved for generations to come.